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breakfast at Denny's

Posted on 2008.05.08 at 22:39
Current Location: Denny Crane's city apartment
Current Mood: rested
Jeffrey, Denny’s odd job man, was a person of many talents, and acting as chef de cuisine right now. He had prepared scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, and a hint of basil was complementing the fragrance of  a very good breakfast to come.
They rarely ate at Denny’s luxurious Back Bay apartment, mainly because they left too early for their stomachs to be awake, and usually they had something delivered to the office at a more decent time. Today, however, Denny had decided they’d sleep in. It hadn’t escaped him that Alan had not slept much the night before...  the night he had spent with Cattle Woman. Ah... the thought of her still sent shivers along his spine - and made something else twitch a little.

„Good morning, Mr. Crane, Mr. Shore.“
Jeffrey put the bowl with the steaming scrambled eggs and freshly roasted bread on the table.

"This is not a good morning, Jeffrey." Denny shook his head. "Didn't you see it? Disaster!"
Jeffrey’s eyes widened, but then he realized: "No, Mr. Crane. I was out last night. Too bad the Red Sox lost. – Eh... and if you won’t need anything else..."
"Alan, you need anything else?" Crane looked at the younger man.

"No... Jeffrey, thank you for the delicious breakfast."
Denny's 'man for all seasons', as I at times call him, leaves, not without bringing some more toast first.

*closes eyes for a moment, savoring breakfast*
"Denny, this is very good. Jeffrey's abilities to cook are incredible - be nice to him."

"Yes, yes. I will.
And he also irons my shirts."
*pauses amidst a bite*
"Alan! I still cannot believe they lost.
Five wins in a row.
And now this!"
*throws some scrambled eggs onto his toast*

"Something was not right last night. Almost as if the game were... jinxed. Papelbon SHOULD have closed. He usually does."

"We were pre-empted", grumbles.

"Ah... I knew something was off."
*pours Denny and himself another coffee*

"What’s next?"
*brings napkin to his mouth and disposes of some egg and salmon.*

"Do you mean the Red Sox or us, Denny?"

"Us. The Red Sox will do fine."

"I hope they will. To win the world series again..."
*bites into another salmon and egg draped toast*
"As for us, we'll know in a week. Maybe even less."

"A week..."
Denny looks at his friend.
"And Alan, do me a favor."

*leans forward and looks at his friend*
"And that would be?"

"Talk to Lorraine."

"Oh..." *gives a laugh*
"So you did hear."

"’Course I did! I may have the mad cow, but I am not deaf." looks at Alan a wee bit reproachfully.
"She’s good. Good looking. too. Don’t want to fire her."

...and Alan DID follow the Wise Crane's advice and DID talk to </a></b></a>lorraine_weller... but that is another story and will be told right here:

(this was actually RPed in dialogue with my!Denny of that time.. who by now has left this fandom, and donated his private account to me for further non-BL use)


balcony time

Posted on 2008.05.07 at 00:48
Current Location: balcony, 500 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
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He is back. Denny Crane has been storming through the busy halls of Crane Poole & Schmidt all day, causing clients to step aside when he whooshes by, „Denny Crane!“ing like a centaur on a stampede.
centaurs on the starboard bow!Collapse )

friends, lies, and BoBo dolls - and some adult languageCollapse )


The day I learned about "The Back Bay Madam"

Posted on 2008.05.01 at 20:56
Current Location: the offices of CP&S, 500 Boylston St., Boston, MA
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
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Everybody at Crane Poole & Schmidt seemed to know – except me. I should have noticed people staring at me, and then quickly looking away, avoiding my face. But then, that’s not always an unusual occurrence, especially in spring with female colleagues, or whenever I’m on a very public case, and bids are high, weighing the odds of me getting fired or not.

It was no other than Chuck from word processing who told me. The very same Chuck, who on occasion vaselined Denny into his favorite wetsuit.
Chuck from word processing approached me today, not only because he had helped me with Denny’s birthday present, for which he finally had the grand total and wanted to collect from me, but also to ask, with a very obvious „wink, wink“ and a mischievous, almost brotherly grin on his stout face, if all Crane Poole & Schmidt employees might apply for a discount when „booking a girl“ with „The Back Bay Madam“. But nobody knew if that was „her official name“... He looked at me expectantly, and I should add that he had marked the air with quotation marks – three times.
I wink-winked back, politley, and added that I might know a Madam or two residing in Boston – well, three, actually, but none associated... At this point, I suddenly DID know, and the expression on my face must have been something between terrible and pitiful. Chuck mumbled a few words which I failed to understand and left hastily, without giving his money a second thought.

I went straight to Jerry’s office. If Chuck knew, he would, too. Of course I would have talked to Denny first, but he was with his client, the cattle-beauty – and who knows, he might return to the office tonight a married man!
Fortunately, Katie was not in. When not even half of my body was through the door, Jerry blurted: „I am with Patty again. I can not... I can NOT....“ Jerry shook his head with an astounding speed that almost sent his glasses flying across the room „be a hooker’s boyfriend. And it’s all Lorraine’s fault!“
I sat down at Katie’s desk and wished Denny would come in with a giant glass of Scotch.
„Oh dear!“

ooc: this is a non-betaed piece from an English-is-not-my- first-language-and-I-am-fairly-new-here-guy ...
corrections, suggestions, anything-to-make-it-better would be most welcome and appreciated:-)


AlanMusings - Dancing with Lorraine

Posted on 2008.03.10 at 22:39
Current Music: Sealed with a Kiss
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Lorraine is an excellent dancer. She follows every lead, however small, as had she anticipated it. Dancing has never been something she has to concentrate on, she just does it, like... breathing.
A smile plays around her lips, she looks happy... or content.

The band is superb. No wonder... Denny Crane would go for the best only, and he has connections. So even on such short notice, he had managed to get more than half of the Boston Pops Orchestra to play at the wedding.

Jill and Jerry pass us on the dance floor, they are talking. Jill has not talked to me in more than three weeks. I wonder why.

A light pressure in my hand, Lorraine’s eyes looking straight into mine. She noticed my thoughts were drifting.
I look at her and smile back. She is right, this is our dance, I should enjoy the moment.
„Sealed with a Kiss“.. that does bring back plenty of memories. London 1993, my hotel, Donovan on the Radio. We just danced, and on her lips was the most senuals of smiles I have ever seen.

I wonder if she thinks of the same day, right now... and then the music somehow takes over. We dance the rumba, and I savour the moment, a little lost in memories, in silence.

originally for bostonlegal_rpg, with thanks to lorraine_weller


something I needed to know

Posted on 2008.03.07 at 13:32
Current Mood: amusedamused
jillbernhardt mentioned this meme yesterday, and curious as I can be, I looked for it. Ha, it's called "Gigolo-Meter"!

bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Toys Store

Is that much on the gigoloical scale? It does sounds like a fairly good hourly income...
Should I perhaps change my profession??


Frank, it's your birthday!

Posted on 2008.02.26 at 17:13
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Everybody Loves a Loser - Morcheeba
As was to be expected, your office is stuffed with flowers... not that I see any, but you already moved them all out, right? ... Ah, and I like that little smile playing around your lips! So you ARE happy to see me... well, here's my present *hands it over* Happy Birthday!

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It's this time of year...

Posted on 2008.02.14 at 19:45

Look, I stole brought some flowers!




Posted on 2008.01.29 at 22:42
Denny and I have started watching "Dexter".  An interesting show for sleepovers.
Should he ever face trial, he will need good counseling....
It is odd how your heart can reach out to a serial killer. I am truly fascinated.


The First One!

Posted on 2007.11.18 at 19:35
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
tataaaa (insert really excting drumroll!) - here it is, my first journal entry with the new name.
I will let go of the other one later on... it was meant for role playing, which never happened, and probably never will due to a constant lack of time. It is far too exciting to work for www.crane-poole-schmidt.de, so almost all of my spare time goes into that.
And now CPS.de has gone postal to LJ... (gorgeous name this is btw, flamingosatwork)...  so what could I do, faithful servant co-admin I am?? --- Yes!

several months later:
I have learned a lot about LJ during the past couple of months, thus will keep both accounts. This one will become my character's journal, and I'll keep the_good_lawyer as player/mun.